Safety First At GB. Always!

Hello GB Family,

May is here and many changes are to come.

2020 is definitely a year that has entered into world history and has become extremely important for the development, growth, and unity of our team.

As members of Gracie Barra, we always choose to look at things on the positive side, learn from challenges and turn problems into solutions.

As practitioners of Jiu-Jitsu, we know that adapting and being ready to deal with the unpredictable is essential for our survival on and off the mat.

Gracie Barra is once again taking the lead in the search for solutions for the next steps in the world that we will live.

Today we have started a new phase where the search for the safety of our students, adaptation and excellence in teaching come first.

Over the last weeks we have prepared a great video for you.

Present, past, and future will be present in the images and in the voiceover.

Prepare your heart, stay connected, and remember:

At GB safety comes first. Always!

We’re in this together.