Eating well is Jiu Jitsu: your food, your victories


When we talk about the preparation of elite athletes, the first thought that comes to mind is: TRAINING, lots of training! What follows is remembering that physical preparation in general is also important. For many fighters all it takes is maintaining a healthy, balanced diet to stay at their top form. However believing that training and exercise burn out everything you eat – no matter how unhealthy – is a big mistake. The human body is a complex machine and certain foods work like fuel just as others jam it. A consistent power supply of poor quality, always leads to a malfunction.


As important as training and exercise are, a champion should strive to maintain a balanced, healthy and nutritional diet that guarantees the proper functioning of the body. Our champion, Lucio “Charly Brown”, a GB black belt from Paraíba, current world master & senior champion, has all the qualities of a good athlete, including putting food in the center of his preparation for victory.

Do you think you’re missing out on something in training? Is your body not responding the way you expected? The easiest thing is to change your eating habits and observe a surge in vigor as well as better performance. In the Eating Well is in Jiu -Jitsu  installment for today, we’re bringing you Lucius ” Charly Brow “’s lunch choices .


– 1 serving of raw salad ( lettuce, wild rocket , cucumber and tomato )
– 1 serving of cooked salad (broccoli , carrots and cabbage ) with extra virgin olive oil .
– 1 grilled chicken medallion, unsalted , seasoned only with garlic.
– 1 small portion of baked sweet potato or brown rice .

* If you train after lunch , wait 2h to 2h 30min before stepping on the matts.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional guidance. The use of vitamins and dietary supplements can benefit a person, but we recommend consulting a nutritionist, doctor or other specialist for evaluation and monitoring prior to using any health enhancement products.