Eating well is Jiu-Jitsu: The power of coconut oil.

After some time available in the market, the coconut oil is gathering more and more fans, due to its numerous health benefits. Earlier, this oil would be only found in some specialized natural products stores. Nowadays, it can be easily bought in any market, becoming a daily product for anyone who is looking for a healthier life-style.

But why should we talk about that oil in our website? Because it is something beneficial. And when we hear about something beneficial to our health, we look for it, study it, and share what we find. Below you will learn a bit more about coconut oil and its benefits to our health. After all, eating well is health. Eating well is Jiu-Jitsu.


What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a kind of oil extracted from the coconut, being basically the pulp of this fruit, which is processed and refined.  It is not such a big mystery, right?  But what about its benefits? Well… there are many of them.

Coconut Oil Benefits

1586240-300x2251 – ANTIOXIDANT Action – It helps to reduce the production of free radicals. This is especially due to the direct action of Vitamin E, present in this oil, making it beneficial reducing this stress on the body.

2 – CHOLESTEROL – It helps to reduce the “bad” CHOLESTEROL – LDL, promoting the increase of the “good” CHOLESTEROL – HDL levels, contributing, this way, to prevent cerebral and cardiovascular diseases.

3 – It helps to LOSE WEIGHT – Being an easy-absorption food, and a source of MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES (MCT), it is rapidly converted in energy instead of being converted to fat in the body. It is considered a “thermogenic” food. Besides this, it stimulates the thyroid, increasing the basal metabolism.

4 – It improves the IMMUNE system – acting to prevent and combat WORMS, BACTERIA AND FUNGUS, since it has a high concentration of Lauric Acid, which enhances nutrient absorption, increasing the body’s defenses.

produto_614_1291298696.43-230x3005 –It regulates the INTESTINAL FUNCTIONS – working in both in diarrhea and constipation prevention. It helps to eliminate pathogenic bacteria (the harmful ones), protecting and helping the development of the “friendly flora.”

6 – It improves the THYROID functions – mobilizing the bad CHOLESTEROL – LDL, through an enzymatic process, and produces anti-aging hormones and prevents some diseases related to that.

7 – COSMETIC Action – It can be applied every day on the skin, or even on the hair as a “natural conditioner.” Besides hydrating the skin and not having free radicals, it prevents wrinkles. It inhibits the skin bacteria proliferation, including those responsible for acne, being used for massages and skin treatments.

8 – DERMATOLOGIC action – Besides the bactericidal effect on the skin, it may be used as a cicatrizing agent on wounds and insect bites, to relieve burns and, more than that, in herpes and candidiasis treatment.

9 – DIABETES – It helps to keep the insulin levels stable in the blood, providing a higher satiation feeling. Being easily absorbed, it does not stimulate the insulin release, contributing to reduce the carbohydrates and sugar compulsion.

10  Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia – It acts to neutralize a number of infectious agents responsible for these diseases. It improves the immune system, accelerates the metabolism, recover full energy, and eliminates STRESS.

WARNING: This is a high caloric food and must be consumed moderately.

oleo-de-coco-300x187Recommended amount of coconut oil:

The ideal is to have 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. More than that would exceed the daily recommended ingestion of saturated fat.

How to use the coconut oil?

The coconut oil can be used to season hot plates, adding a smooth flavor and aroma to meals like rice and fish. The extra virgin coconut oil can be used as a salad seasoning.

This oil can also be used when preparing cakes and pies.

It can be mixed in yogurts, juices or smoothies. Adding it to your beverages will give them a zest of coconut.

This article has only an informative purpose and is not intended to replace professional guidance. The use of vitamins and supplements can offer you great results, but before using any product, we strongly recommend you to visit a Nutritionist, Doctor or another specialist for an analysis and follow-up.

Source (in Portuguese): Minha vida e Mundo dos Óleos