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Gracie Barra The Woodlands Turns 5: A Success Story

Professor Todd Moore Provides Tips On Successfully Running a School 

This greeting is rather late, but due to some difficulties experienced during the process of the interview, we dearly apologize to the members of Gracie Barra The Woodlands for not posting this on time. Nevertheless, we have Professor Todd Moore, head instructor of Gracie Barra the Woodlands to talk about the growth of the school. As it turns five with the school’s strong leaders, and effective management, we are sure to see many more years to come for Gracie Barra The Woodlands! had the chance to have a candid conversation with the passionate Prof. Todd. From what Gracie Barra The Woodlands is now was a bit of a far cry compared to what it was 5 years ago. According to the professor, “It was not easy, and baby steps day by day. I kept trucking forward, staying consistent, learning from mistakes I would make, to where now I can comfortably say that I was able to establish a strong standard for my students.”

And putting up great standards is what he did. As it implies, the change from a good school to a great school happened over the course of the 5 years that the school has been operating.

 What Gracie Barra The Woodlands Offers

Gracie Barra the Woodlands follows the structure of every Gracie Barra school.  Professor Todd says, “I have been fortunate to have a strong staff who have supported and helped me execute this game plan… having a strong Kids Program led by my good friend, Professor Alex Gotay, a dependable teammate in Alex Morono to take charge of our MMA team and ensure the fighters are meeting expectations of character and integrity when they represent us.”

It’s not the best competitor that makes the best coach, it’s the best communicator that makes the best coach      – Professor Todd Moore, GB The Woodlands                                                                                                                                                                                           

The passion of each member of the staff compliments the vision that the organization offers.  Prof. Todd says. “It really gives the students  a secure feeling to know that they will be receiving quality BJJ instruction at the scheduled times.”

 Professor Todd on Passion

According to Prof. Todd, passion plays a huge role in success. For school owners, teaching and instructing will play out as one of the things that will connect most with the students. “I have been very fortunate to have received coaching instruction from some great men throughout my athletic career, which started back in 1997 with football.  Some real admirable men, who were great motivators, leaders and just strong personalities. Almost larger than life.”

“To always keep in mind that your strengths as an athlete are not necessarily their strengths, and you have to be able to embrace their strengths and channel it with communication to enhance those strengths.  When you are able to do this, and are fortunate enough to lead a competitor to a hard fought victory, there is no better gratification as a coach than seeing your athlete overcome the impossible.” 

As members of Gracie Barra, sharing this passion and vision in line with Master Carlos’ is tantamount to everyone’s success.

The Power of the the Word of Mouth

When asked about their referral program, he explicitly stressed on how powerful word of mouth is for any type of endeavor and especially in business. He explains, “word of mouth is a huge part of how we generate new inquiries.”

He also expresses the importance of student experience. “When you deliver top notch service, put a lot of pride in your work, your students becomes your sales staff.  You’ve already done the important part, and that was deliver what we do best.  When you’re that passionate about what you do, that positive energy is contagious, and it will reflect from your students.  They will want to spread that awesome feeling.”

 Professor Todd’s “Why”

When asked about his career. He gave a rather unique insight on why he pursued a career to teach Jiu-Jitsu. He has been in the circle of MMA fighters, with a rather successful career in MMA as well ( a record of 14-5).

“I was reaching a point as a competitor where I was tired of sacrificing time away from family and friends, missing birthday parties, holidays and family get-togethers because I was always training, cutting weight, getting ready for or traveling someplace that had to do with competition.”  He adds, “I started reaching that point where I wanted to settle down and make money in my chosen trade, and the opportunities started from teaching a few times a week at my coach’s school, to a new school opening and in need of a head coach, to eventually the Head Coach and General Managing position of a large school opened for me.” 



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