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The Gracie Barra Class Structure

We’ve been discussing many of the central elements of our organization, and at the heart of many of those is the GB Method. You might recall that the foundation of the GB Method consists of three core pieces: GB Program Structure, GB Curriculum, and GB Class Structure. It is invaluable to understand how adhering to the Class Structure with consistency leads to efficiency and success on the mats.

What’s the difference between the GB Program Structure, GB Curriculum, and the GB Class Structure?

The main differences are between what you can think of as levels, content, and time management. The GB Program Structure provides you with the separation of levels which are required for effective teaching. The GB Curriculum gives you the content and provides you with the details about what you’re actually teaching. The GB Class Structure, on the other hand, provides information about how you will manage the 60 minutes you have with your students.

GB Class Structure

The Gracie Barra Class Structure is a carefully designed progression of elements. When applied in your classes, you will have specific timeframes for everything from the warm-up to the end of class message. It is not just about the combination of all the elements within the Class Structure that makes it so valuable for your classes. It is a comprehensive approach that includes the following.


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