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Professor Orlando Sanchez Showcasing the Deep Half-Guard


Learn the Deep Half-Guard Sweep with Professor Orlando Sanchez

Professor Orlando Sanchez, owner/instructor of Gracie Barra Pasadena showcases how to sweep your opponent: from the guard, to the deep half-guard, to eventually the sweep.

The technical term, “sweep,” is basically a move to reverse a grappling position. Either to set up a submission, or gain a dominant position. In IBJJF rules, sweeping earns two (2) points. In this video, Prof. Orlando shows how from going from the deep half-guard can help you sweep your opponents.

1. Establish a good guard. Grabing the collar with the opposing arm.

2. Opening the guard then scrimping to have knee held against your opponent’s chest.

3. The trick is to have your opponent think that you are giving up the position. The opponent then passes by stepping your leg.

4. Establishing the half-guard by making space for the left arms to grab the leg.

5. While in deep half-guard, secure the hand position by holding on to the leg and on the belt.

6. Sweep him by pushing with your hips.

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