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Braulio Estima

Prof. Braulio Speaks about his Bout in Metamoris Pro

As what we’ve promised, we’re putting Professor Braulio back in the pages of Gracie Barra. More than a week ago, the promise of a good fight coming on the 9th of June is going to happen. Metamoris Pro; the newest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu league that comprises of one thing: submit your opponents!

Metamoris Pro II will feature the best of the best in the business. Headlining the event is Kron Gracie vs. Shinya Aoki.

Gracie Barra is never short of driven and on-the-top-of-their-game fighters. Representing the family this time is Prof. Braulio Estima of Gracie Barra Birmingham.


Congratulations on making it again to the front page of How have you been since the last time that we interviewed you? I believe it was before your MMA debut.

Thank you! since my MMA debut I went back and focused on my academy and on many of my projects. Being very busy but “good” busy. Now I have this line up of challenges ahead of me that I’m looking forward very much.

How is Gracie Barra Birmingham and the entire training team?

Birmingham is great! The team is getting stronger closer and and I’m happy to spend more time and be around them most on every day basis!

In 7 weeks, Metamoris Pro is going to happen in LA. How do you compare Metamoris Pro to any other competition?

Metamoris is a different style of fighting you have more freedom to go for submissions as there is points system.  But on the other hand, the submissions set up cannot be based on  the opponent’s style of sweeps or passing guard as there are not  as important on the rules of the game. I think it is interesting to see top guys fighting each other on different circumstances such as Metamoris.

Braulio-2You are a world-famous grappler and BJJ artist. Now, what do you think is your edge when it comes to grappling?

Thanks for the compliment!

My edge is that I’m dangerous in any position top or bottom, under the side control or half guard. I’m always thinking about positions before any submission or points. My main mindset is to cancel my opponents next step, and at the same time, I adjust myself to my own next step.

Will the match be in Gi or No Gi?

It will be in Gi.

Tell us about your opponent. Have you ever went against with Rodolfo Vieira?

I had fought him and lost to him by one advantage at the Worlds Pro finals couple of years ago.

tumblr_m7uvcwafYS1qzyvhno1_400Tells us how you got into the fight card. How did it all come together? I remember people posting something in clamoring that you should be a part of it.

I got a phone call from Ralek Gracie asking me if I would be interested on fghting a top guy that it would make the crowd go nuts. I said, “of course.” Then came the name and I’m happy to be fighting Rodolfo. He is such  a classy guy.

Let’s talk about your own predictions.  So Kron or Aioki for the main event. Who has your vote?

I think Kron will have the edge for that fight. Aoki is very flexible, but Kron has more control plus he is much heavier.

Any gameplan locked away in your secret drawer that you’d like to share to us?

As I have the freedom for submissions, I won’t  be focusing to much on “points strategies.” I will play the game and seek the sub all the way from top to bottom.

So who is Braulio Estima on and off the mats?

Braulio Estima is a guy with his feet on the ground. A guy who generally looks for whats coming next instead of being caught up on past achievements. Friendly, funny,  and family guy!

Please do invite the Gracie Barra family to watch you roll it out with Rodolfo Vieira.

I cant wait for this event. I’m looking forward to be back on the mats and represent our Gracie Barra flag. I hope I get the support from our team from everywhere in the world lets do this!

P.S. I will be fighting Xande Ribeiro on May 5th  via If you can spread that it will be great.

Braulio Estima





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