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Going for the Offensive: Arm Lock

Going for the Offensive- Arm Lock

Gracie Barra Sydney’s Marcelo Rezende Demonstrates the Arm Bar


There is a saying that offense is the best form of defense. As battles are won in the mats either by points or by submitting your opponents. How many times has an opponent escaped your submission attempt?

For this week’s edition of Gracie Barra Learning, we introduce to you the Arm Lock, or more popularly known as the arm bar. Basically, the arm bar is a technique that hyper-extends the elbow joint. This technique requires full-body leverage and proper execution. Otherwise (and more often) a failed technique can result in opponents escaping, or even gaining a dominant position.

In this video, the instructors over at Gracie Barra Sydney demonstrate the arm bar/arm lock from the side mount



About Gracie Barra Sydney

Gracie Barra Sydney has been in operation since 2002 under the leadership of Professor Marcelo Rezende, a 2nd degree black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr.



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