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Draculino’s Collar Choke from the Half-Guard


Lapel Choke by Draculino

He’s gotta be one of my favorite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelts that ever taught, competed, and lived the lifestyle. His no-nonsense disposition, charismatic approach to his students helps make him one of the most successful black belts there is.

The Gracie Barra Regional director for Texas is never short of his goal in taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaching to the next level. He’s a constant addition to training camps all through out the year. As the structure of competition camps goes to where the competition is. And exciting last quarter for the year for Gracie Barra always.

In this video, the infamous collar choke! Yes. The right way to do it, at least.

Step 1: Position before the submission. Making sure that you have established a firm base

Step 2: If getting your hand inside is tough, then this variation will work.

Step 3: loosen the lapel. Once you have, put your elevated arm underneath to grab it

Step 4: Your right hand goes on the neck

Step 5: Squeeze to submit.

Here’s the video

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