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New & Improved Marketing Store Now Open to Help Promote Your School Events

New Marketing Store: New Products, In-House Printing, and Free Items

Hello Team,

Our team has created a new marketing store to help you increase your reach.  Feel free to look around and see the latest editions added to our store at

New Products

Our plan is to continue to grow the store in December with new products and to update the store on a monthly basis. In doing this, we will also retire some of the older products. If you feel like we should offer a certain product within our store, feel free to send us a message at and we will add it to our product suggestions list. To order the items for shipment from the Marketing Store, simply supply your school shipping address upon checking out, select payment and your product will be at your doorstep in no time.

Downloadable Items to Print In-House

The new marketing store is now offering digital downloads. This new feature will allow school owners to immediately have access to professional design prints which they can print themselves. Easy customization allows for every school to add their own information and print for quick and professional looking marketing materials to help increase student reach.

Free Items

The marketing store will periodically be providing free items for your use. Right now you can take advantage of 3 new items as gifts to use for free! These marketing gift items are now available in the marketing store and are available for free to download. The new marketing pieces will be useful tools at your school to promote some upcoming events and to help you organize and update your school schedule.

* School Schedule

The school schedule includes a word document that can be customized so you can update the information with your school details and class schedules to help you stay organized. Use this as a marketing tool to show your school schedule in an easy and organized way.

Download the School Schedule here.

Once you’ve download the school schedule you can open it as a word document. Please fill in the appropriate information about your programs, times, classes, school information etc. into the designated fields. After you have all the appropriate information filled in please save the document and print to distribute and display at your school.

* End of Year Poster Celebration

There is now a poster available to promote an “End of Year Celebration” event. If you choose to host this event you can use this poster to display on your wall to help promote it.

Download the End of Year Poster Here.

After you have downloaded the word document you can open it to edit the information. Please edit the Date at the top Header as desired, followed by the times in the sub-sections, and finally add your school address and contact information to the bottom. Save the document and print to display on your school wall.


* Holiday Jiu-Jitsu Camp

There is now a poster available to help promote the Holiday Jiu-Jitsu Camp.

You can download the Holiday Jiu-Jistu Camp Poster here.

Once you’ve downloaded the poster, open the word document to customize it. Please add in the desired time, date, and contact information as desired in the fields provided. Once you complete adding in all of your desired information and school contact info, please save and print to display at your school in a prominent location where students can see the poster and where you can easily talk to them about it.

These are all great marketing tools that are now available at the marketing store so make the most of this opportunity to promote your upcoming events with these great customizable marketing pieces.

We appreciate your visit to the new marketing store.  We hope that you will continue to return to the store to help you with all of your Gracie Barra marketing needs.

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