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GB Leaders Meet to Discuss the “Look & Feel” of Our Schools

Gracie Barra School Webinar


Gracie Barra Webinar 

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Earlier today, Professor Flavio Almeida hosted the 2nd webinar for 2013. The “Look and Feel of Our Schools” webinar focused on the basic tenets of how a school should be managed; giving much stress on these factors and elements that make up the entire student experience. More so, replicating that experience whenever a student visits one school and checks out another.

Here are the integral questions posted by Professor Flavio in the webinar:

  • Do our schools support the best learning experience?
  • Are the facilities up to par with the expectations of each student?
  • Is there anything in the facilities that we can change to be able to invite more students, and at the same time retain the ones that we have?

Important Talking Points

The Importance of Facilities

Among the four important pillars of the the Gracie Barra student learning experience (Facility, Uniform, People, System) is the facility. Each of which is as important as one another. One supports the other, and the others vice-versa.

What we put in our facilities (or what we even lack) will either inspire, or demotivate our students. Our facilities are the physical representation of our vision and goals. It is important that facilities of each school promote our vision. For us to become a place that is more than just a Jiu-Jitsu school, we must put a high premium on the entire, holistic experience our facilities provide.

The Character of Your School

Take a minute and be objective for a second. Assess your school with this question: what is the feel of your school. What kind of energy does it exude? The moment of walking through its doors, what impression do you get from it? Does it promote a highly competitive environment where less physically gifted individuals are welcome? Is the environment suited for learning? Again, does it meet what the people expect from a reputable Jiu-Jitsu school?

Jiu-Jitsu instruction and experience beyond chokes and armbars – Prof. Flavio Almeida


Gracie Barra believes in the improvement of the lives of its members. We must build schools to teach the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, provide great workouts, meaning connections with people, and an uplifting experience for everyone. 

The Support That Gracie Barra Offers to Each School Owner

Gracie Barra focuses on supporting each school in every corner of the world. As we approach the 400 school mark, Gracie Barra aims to maintain the high-level instruction, quality and student experience of each school. Every school owner may get these items to further enhance each school.

1. Look and Feel Self Assessment Questionnaire
2. Complete checklist of facilities items

A very special thanks to those who took time off from their busy schedules and made this webinar a success! Until next time, webinarmates!

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