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Instructors Certification 2012 : Registration Has Now Been Opened

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Gracie Barra Opens Registration for Jiu-Jitsu Instructors Certification

On an effort to align teaching practices from Jiu-Jitsu instructors all over the world, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. is putting together the 4th Gracie Barra Instructors Certification Program (GB.ICP4). His goal is to reach hundreds of BJJ professionals across the globe with GB’s best practices in teaching and school management.

According to Professor Marcio Feitosa, one of the main heads behind the initiative, “Our goal is of course the positively impact Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu students. Our vision as a team is to teach BJJ all over the world throught the work doen by our instructors and their staff at the school level. If we want to help our students learn great Jiu-Jitsu, we have to support the professors, inspire them, and give them the best tools so they can teach great classes everyday”.

The 2012 program will be released in 2 languages, English and Portuguese. Gracie Barra Association believes the vast majority of Gracie Barra Leaders speak one of the 2 languages so this year the program will be much more inclusive. Another facilitating factor is the Online Learning Platform. Using cutting-edge e-leanirng technology instructors can log in to take their courses and tests at the time that is most convenient for them. If they are extremelly busy,m they can even take the course using their iphones or ipads on the road.

“We researched into the best technology to make the learning experience as convenient as possible for our people. The system we are using delivers great content whenever and wherever is convenient”, continues Professor Marcio.

Here is a brief FAQ about the GB.ICP4:

1) How to I register?

Simple. Click here and fill out the form.

2) Who can participate?

Instructors and staff from Gracie Barra Schools approved by the school’s head instructor

3) When is the program?

From October 1st to December 15th.

4) Do I need a fancy computer?

No. If your computer can access youtube, you are good.

5) Is the program going to be very time consuming?

Not really. 1-2 hours per week will be enough.

6) Is there any cost associated with the program?

Premium Schools can register up to four participants at no additional cost. Official and affiliated schools pay a fee per participant.

7) What are the requirements for Graduation?

Participants are expected to complete all activities. Score 7 out of 10 on the tests. Deliver a end of course essay, complete practical activities and provide a certificate of completion of basic CPR course.

To register for GB.ICP4 or get more info o the program, go to the Registration Page


12 responses to “Instructors Certification 2012 : Registration Has Now Been Opened”

  1. I’m interested in becoming a Gracie Barra Certified School please send me more information or let me know who I need to talk to in order to do so thank you!

  2. Mialot Guy says:

    Gracie Barra Montluçon France
    Olá Guy.
    Bom dia.
    Esse PCI 4 é o Programa de Certificação de Instrutores da Gracie Barra.
    É um curso de formação para todos que dão aula de Jiu-Jitsu.
    Você deve se inscrever através do site
    Ao final do curso você recebe um certificado da GB.
    Qualquer dúvida me fale.
    Mauricio Robbe

  3. Steven Maeer says:

    Hi There

    I am wanting to start a gym up in Scarborough UK and im wanting some info on what my coaches would have to do to get Gracie Barra accredited??? We make fightwear at the moment but are wanting to branch out into the MMA world and offer classes in Jiu Jitsu.

    If you could help us out it would be great!!



  4. Hello HQ, I’m Head Coach from Gracie Barra Chile under the Regional Director Professor Juan Pablo Garcia, GB Santa Barbara.
    I have a question: do you have a planing date to start the ICP 5 in 2013?
    From Chile we have two candidates, including me, to formalize our work in GBCL.
    Thanks and greeting from Chile.

  5. Evandro says:

    Hi, when the 2013 program is going to open?

  6. Chris climer says:


    My name is chris. A GB school has just opened up here in Murfreesboro, tn. I’m very interested in your program and would like to become an instructor one day. I have worked with children in different martial arts schools and children react very well to my teaching. I would like one day to open my own martial arts school and was wondering how long it would take to become certified in your program. I am currently a light blue in Brazilian jui jitsu. Thank you for your time and patience.

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