Professor Vinicius "Draculino" Talks about GB's Instructors Certification


Professor Vinicius on continuous improvement, the instructors, life, and the GB.ICP4

Gracie Barra is an organization that continuously provides tools to it members for improvement. The key to any successful endeavor is keeping everyone up-to-speed, challenged and growing. This is evident with Master Carlos Gracie Jr. in spearheading the latest development in teaching; the GB.ICP4.

The approach is simple: getting everybody in the same page while promoting a unified teaching mechanics for all of the instructors and professors in Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is to ensure that every student that goes in to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gets the best out of each instructor. The key to our organization’s success is maintaining a strong leadership role within the ranks of the schools, while making everyone’s learning journey  both enjoyable and a worthwhile experience. This is a must for those seeking to grow as mentors, teachers. Ultimately, this boils down to our growth as individuals gearing towards spreading to the world as Jiu Jitsu for everyone.

As instructors, you are one of the key components in the success of the Gracie Barra family. You have the greatest impact for growth in all of Gracie Barra; for a family to function as one, we move as one.


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Professor Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhãesthe Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu regional director for Texas is one of the most successful professor of Gracie Barra and an important contributor to the program. He shares his philosophy, teaching expertise and why he is confident the program will be a success. Here are a few words from Professor:

GB.Com: So who is the man behind the certification program?
Prof. Vinicius: It is Master Carlos Gracie Jr him self. A life time dream and work there. Professors Marcio Feitosa and Professor Flavio Almeida made the right actions and procedures to allow Master’s Carlinhos’ vision to be fully operational. So how important is the certification of each instructor?
Prof. Vinicius: It’s not important, it is VITAL for all GB Instructors do do that course. We need to align everyone with the teaching methods and Philosophy of Master Carlinhos. What are the challenges that you may face with the certifcation program?
Prof. Vinicius: knowing that even though we have good instructors, some may think that they don’t need the course. That they know better. That is completely false and ALL of us CAN and WILL improve as Instructors once that course is completed.

I strongly believe that you have to look and achieve excellence in everything you do, every single day. What extended support do instructors get in the certification?

Prof. Vinicius: the most important: knowledge in all areas. It is priceless and vital for everyone who lives from teaching GB BJJ or has a GB School. We all know that every instructor needs to be calibrated with the programs and instructions, what are you highlighting in icp4?
Prof. Vinicius: The fusion of knowledge of all aspects needed for success: technical, philosophical, systematical and business. It is all there. What brought Gracie Barra into creating this innovative learning design?
Prof. Vinicius: It’s (Gracie Barra) growth. The bigger an Institution, the more challenges comes from it. It is so that a good learning tool is key for the organization’s growth Currently, who are the people involved with the project?
Prof. Vinicius: Master Carlinhos himself.  Professors Marcio, Flavio, Marco, Frank Nava and all the GB association crew. Me, as the Regional Director of Texas and the other Regional Directors also have an important task. What is your philosophy about “best practices”
Prof. Vinicius: I strongly believe that you have to look and achieve excellence in everything you do, every single day. On a GB School, it comes down to techniques, costumer service, education, inspiration and more. If you follow the systems that GB came out with, after years and years of study on what works and what doesn’t  work, there is a huge chance of success. Please provide a message to the instructors to join and sign up with the GB.ICP4
Prof. Vinicius: to my dear Instructors, In BJJ and in life in general, we are constantly learning and improving as a person and as a professional. We can never be satisfied, and we always need to look for more knowledge. The GB Certification Course is a great tool for that improvement. Hurry up and guarantee your spot.

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