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Benefit from a Great Opportunity with the Barra Fit Boot Camp

BFBC Webinar

GB Webinar: Join Us for the Barra Fit Boot Camp Project Launch

Summer is the time of the year most women worry about dieting, exercise, and getting in shape. This is a great opportunity for your school to benefit from a camp aimed at getting women in shape for summer. This program will help you generate extra revenue and it’s a chance to reach out to more women to get them involved in jiu-jitsu.

Want to find out more? Join our team April 4th at 10 am PST for a special project launch webinar. Professors Flavio Almeida and Felipe Guedes will host a webinar which will discuss how to get the Barra Fit Camp launched at your school and all of the amazing benefits that this program has to offer.

Click Here to Register for the Barra Fit Boot Camp Webinar

Women in general are always concerned with their body, are frequently on a diet, and are always looking for different alternatives for weight loss. Implementing a camp now to reach the female audience right before summer is the perfect time!

The Barra Fit Camp is a four week program of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training. Members will be inspired and have fun while participating in a variety of fitness activities that will help them reach their goals!

Benefits for Your School:
  • Increased revenue from the camp
  • A great opportunity to get more contracts
  • Increased awareness for your school
  • It’s easy to implement
  • We provide the whole program structure with explanatory videos and worksheets.
  • We help provide the structure of advertising and marketing materials

Take a minute to register for our webinar and get started on learning how to launch the Barra Fit Boot Camp at your school.



One response to “Benefit from a Great Opportunity with the Barra Fit Boot Camp”

  1. Alicia Sixtos says:

    I’ve recently been hired at GB Encino to fill in for Tibe while he’s away for a month or two. I really want to bring the gym some extra structure. My sister Veronica (who coaches the BFBC) and I really want to build our Barra Fit Boot camp and have been struggling to keep the woman’s attendance consistent. I’m excited for the webinar. It’s come at a perfect time. My sister and i will be tuned in. Thank you.

    Alicia Sixtos

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