Understanding the Signs of Bullying to Help Take Prevention Steps


4 Signs of Bullying to Look Out For

Prevention is always better than a cure, since its possible to avoid certain situations altogether.  Gracie Barra has taken the stand against bullying. While the issue has yet toAnti-Bulling Gracie Barra show a decline in schools all over the United States, the government proposes strict steps towards preventing and controlling the behavior.

While everyone feels that there is a need for immediate action, proposals were made with regards to having school take accountable for every case possible. But we all know that such reforms may take a while for it to be fully functional, if not to get into a desired level of acceptability.

While there has been a definite rule, or law prescribed towards the issue known as bullying, Gracie Barra commits to educating and helping everyone (member or non-member). Together with the recently revitalized program for Bully Proofing kids, Gracie Barra will also put in some knowledge on some facets about bullying. Future articles will include expert opinions on how to prevent bullying and what comprises the phenomenon.

Signs of Bullying

In order to battle bullying, there is also need to understand the tell-tale signs when a kid is being bullied.  Here are 4 signs to look out for:

  • Unexplainable injuries

Physical bullying is common and can also account for almost 75% of the bullying case all over the U.S. where injuried are manifested by the bullied.

  • Difficulty Sleeping

Stress manifests itself in different sorts. Most of the time, they manifest in sleep. Remember that the brain continuously functions even during sleep. Stress then, if present, can manifest through sleep such as nightmares. Kids who are bullied may experience lack of sleep or “night terrors.”

  • Declining Grades and Loss of Interest in Schoolwork

A child’s behavior is very predictable. When a child encounters hostility in school, they lose interest. It’s not that THEY lose interest with school work. It only means that their attention is drawn to protecting and surviving.

  • Self-Esteem Decline

So does your child all of a sudden become shy, or less talkative? Take this as a sign that there might be something wrong. Talk to your child. Getting your child to open up can be quite a challenge.

The CARE Approachnobullying class

Try this approach if you suspect that your child may be experiencing issues with bullying. I call this the CARE approach.

Comfort your child about the situation. Do not be aggressive. Take your time

Assure – Assure your child that you are there for him. And that he/she is not gonna be judged or punished. Assure that you are going to do something to help him/her.

Respond – Not only by taking action. Use not only verbals, but also non-verbals when responding to them. Reinforce the assurance by responding appropriately. Do not react violently to what your child is saying about their bullies. Just listen.

Empower – let them know that there is something that can be done about the bullies. Empower them that they can also act on it. Tell them that there is nothing to be afraid of. Empower them with knowledge about dealing with people. Empower them by getting them in activities that will boost their confidence. Yes. Jiu-Jitsu can definitely help.

Gracie Barra commits to this endeavor. Contact your local GB School to have your child attend our free No-Bullying classes in the month of April.

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