GB Leaders We Want to Hear From You! Join Our Ethics Council

GB Ethics Council

Help Us Create the Highest Possible Standards at Our Schools

The Gracie Barra Ethics Council was formed to address the needs of all Gracie Barra schools. It’s primary objective is to set the highest possible standards in the education of abuse prevention. Gracie Barra Association Executive Director, Professor Flavio Almeida has held several initial discovery meetings to determine the needs and objectives of ethics policy and implementation. Along with Professor Felipe Guedes (GB San Clemente), Almeida recently held a very successful webinar for all GB schools where sexual harassment and abuse prevention were the main areas of focus.

The GB Ethics Council meets bi-weekly to discuss the topics and lead projects related. Our main focus now is sexual harassment mitigation policies and education. We will also discuss other issues such as sustainability and environmental matters to name a few. We would like to hear from all GB Leaders that are interested in joining the ethics council.

We invite you to please join us Thursday, March 28th at 8:30 a.m. for the next Gracie Barra Ethics Council meeting

The initial Ethics Council is led by Professor Almeida and Professor Guedes and they are joined by professor Mike Buckles (GB Midwest Regional Director), Professor Tom Reusing (GB Corona) and Holly Reusing, MA (GB Corona). The council is eager to hear from other Gracie Barra leaders who are interested in helping with this very important project. As a leader in the martial arts industry, we are committed to bringing the highest possible standards to our schools and to create policies to ensure integrity and structures to educate our instructors and school owners. We feel strongly that our project will help lay the foundation of abuse prevention and ethics in the industry as a whole.

Please reach out to with any comments and questions and please let us know if you would like to join our next meeting and participate.