Gracie Barra Webinar – “Students First” Friday March 8th at 10am PST

GB Students First Webinar

Ensuring a safe environment at your school!

This Webinar will be available to all GB Schools

Gracie Barra is hosting one more online show Friday, March 8th at 10 a.m. Prof. Felipe Guedes is hosting and presenting a very special webinar together with special guests Prof. Tom Callos and Prof. Flavio Almeida. They will be providing extremely important information on how to keep the environment of your school safe from the possibility of a sexual harassment and sexual abuse situation from happening. Prof. Tom Callos, one of our special guest, is one of the most active individuals inside the martial arts community  who promotes prevention and safety. We encourage all GB school owners to invite the entire staff to participate in this online show to maximize the benefits and to bring your school to reach the high level safety standards expected from the GB Association.

“I need to know that you’ve created a safe environment that you know what you are doing as a teacher and a organizer. That you understand the value that I place on that trust.” – Tom Callos

A few topics for this Online Show:

  • What is the difference between harassment and abuse?
  • What is the rules we must follow to ensure a safe environment?
  • Be aware of red flag behaviors?
  • One Adult one child rule

Take a minute to register by clicking here. This Webinar will be available to all GB Schools.