Gracie Barra's Leaders Meet Worldwide for Online Webinar

GB Moving Forward: Accomplishments in 2012 and Goals for 2013

Gracie Barra recently held an online webinar which discussed accomplishments from the past year and moving forward in 2013.   The webinar included insight from Professors Marcio Feitosa, Flavio Almeida,  and Marco Joca.  The event had a large turnout and was open to all schools. Here are some highlights from the meeting.

Gracie Barra 2012 MeetingGracie Barra has now reached 5 continents with the Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone Project.  Today the support GB provides to its schools is better than it has ever been and we are continually working towards improving.  Master Carlos has been very active in expanding Gracie Barra in the southern part of Brazil.  Prof. Marcio is in Rio helping to expand GB in the region and is also working closely with GB Brazil. He is improving the exchange of information between the U.S. and Brazil to help improve procedures, so that no matter where in the world someone goes to train, each school shares the Gracie Barra experience.

In 2012 GB was very successful in strengthening its competition team from the camps, athletes, support, and communication.  GB is positioning itself in the major tournaments to continue to have a huge presence world wide.

Gracie Barra currently has 375 official schools all over the world and 82 franchise schools in the United States. It is important that GB GB hHeadquartersprovides the best type of instruction and is meeting everyone’s expectations as GB continues to expand.  Keeping ourselves challenged and figuring out how to keep our schools successful is important to think about as we move forward in 2013.

One of GB’s goals for 2013 is to get to 100 franchised schools in the US which will allow us to be sustainable and stable to finance many other projects.  GB also plans to finalize the conversion of all GB schools in the U.S. that are not premium schools by July.  It is important for us to also continue to work with our regional directors, so they have enough support, training, and tools/information to make a difference and be successful.

GB is also looking to improve it support department (Support 2.0).  There will be a new version of the GB library down the road to help everyone access information faster.  The marketing store will also be revamped to help provide better and more accessible support to our schools.

This year ICP5 will include some recycled material from ICP4 so it won’t be as heavy for those who have already taken the course. ICP5 will also include a section for managers and for instructional.  One course is going to focus on school owners and program directors and the other course will focus on the instructors.

As GB heads into 2013 we will continue to create events, like camps and seminars, that bring us closer together as a team.

A Look at GB Wear in 2012 & Upcoming Changes for 2013

Congratulations to GB Wear as 2013 marks its 10th year! Here are some projects/accomplishments for GB Wear in 2012:

  • Implemented a pricing and commissions system
  • Customer service and sales support- to open a line of communication between schools, customers, and GB Wear
  • Product development- Fundamentals 2.0 App/Legacy Gi/Increased line of products
  • Competition team and athletes- High end professors to teach camps before major tournaments/Red Color Concept
  • Special projects- Sponsors/GB Compnet Events/Joined forces in Brazil for a project that helped kids in need
  • Branding- Photoshoots to market the GB Wear image through social media channels and website

What to expect in 2013 for GB Wear:

  • New redisgned Gi’s, rashes, etc.- Clothing and technical wear for GB Wear will change
  • New Online Store- Launch in a couple of weeks with new shopping cart system/IT team dedicated to GB Wear.
  • New distribution center- Professional and efficient to help get products out faster with better accuracy
  • Athletes Products- Releasing Athletes products for everyone to benefit
  • Marketing (Online presence & catalogs)- Increase and improve online presence to improve sales
  • Adjust-improve pricing & commission- Based on data collected improvements will be made to benefit school needs

Gracie Barra Gi'sGB Wear also plans to continue investing in its branding, customer service, support its competition team and athletes, and sponsoring BJJ social projects.

For the first time ever GB Wear will have a female cut gi, light weight gi’s with rip stop pants, and a future champions gi with the no more bullying project patch on it. GB Wear will soon make an announcement to share more information regarding the changes that are taking place in 2013, so please keep an eye out in your inbox for an email soon.

Finally, Gracie Barra wouldn’t be able to continue without all of your support so thank you for all of the feedback, communication, and ideas.  Keep them coming.

Let’s keep moving forward in 2013!

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