Gracie Barra Fundamentals 2.0 School Launch Preparation

 GB Fundamentals 2.0 School Launch Implementation Guidelines

As we prepare for the launch of our Fundamentals 2.0 curriculum across our schools nationwide, we ask that you please complete the following steps to make sure the implementation of the curriculum goes smoothly for your school on launch day.

Please read the following carefully and implement the steps before launch day.

On Wednesday Oct. 31st you will be given access to the new Fundamentals 2.0 curriculum online as a Premium School. Premium schools in the U.S. and Canada will be getting this exclusive benefit of accessing the Fundamentals 2.0 curriculum for free. This will consist of a series of videos for each week that you can view on your computer via a login and password for your own use.

To access the Fundamentals 2.0 curriculum please email for your login/password and the links. This login/password is ONLY to be used by the Owners/Staff of Premium Schools and is not to be shared with anyone. Login information will be tracked to make sure that login/passwords are not being shared.

You can also download the Fundamentals 2.0 as a document for you to display on your wall as well, so you can easily refer to the curriculum during class. Please contact to get the link. Then download the file, print and place on your wall at your school.

To further promote the Fundamentals 2.0 curriculum you will also be receiving a 17 x 11 poster to display at your schools soon. Please display the poster in a prominent and high traffic area where students will be able to see it and ask questions.

This is a great opportunity for you to use the poster as a selling piece to give students instruction on how/where to download and the importance of purchasing the curriculum. Students can download the apps from the itunes store by searching for Gracie Barra or by accessing the links listed in the Apps section of GB Wear.

Please refer to the following steps to make sure everything is being implemented correctly and on time.

Implementation Steps for Fundamentals 2.0
1. Email to get your login/password/links to the videos and make sure your unique login/password to access the curriculum works/Do not share this information
2. Contact for the Wall Doc link. Download and display the Fundamentals 2.0 Wall Document for easy reference during class.
3. Display the Fundamentals 2.0 Poster/Promote and talk with your students about how/where they can download the curriculum.
4. Refer to course 6 of ICP4 available Monday November 5th for complete breakdown of the Fundamentals 2.0 curriculum
5. Watch the Implementation Video for Fundamentals 2.0 as Ricardo Almeida discusses tips on implementing the program in your school.

6. Campaign launch for the schools is Monday, November 12th so make sure you have implemented all of the previous steps and you’re ready for the launch day.

Thanks and lets make this a great learning experience for our students and an opportunity to further promote Gracie Barra!

If you have any problems accessing the site please email

GB Association Team