Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: What kind of athlete is your idol?

Which criteria would you considerate to choose you idols in Jiu-Jitsu? Everyone is different. And so are the evaluation criteria, but we do believe that all of us have some ‘common points’ when it comes to think about who is ‘the guy’ in the competitive word of the gentle art.

There are some athletes with a more ‘explosive’ way, pushing all the time and who enter into the mat to finish the fight as soon as possible. Normally, those are the ones who, after winning, scream out loud – that scream which was stuck in their throats, and which will be heard for all over the arena, ‘contaminating’ everyone in the bleachers. The opposite of this style is those guys who never change their facial expression. Even when they are under a uncomfortable situation. Those will express their calmness every time, winning or losing, always transmitting a peaceful feeling to those who are outside the mat watching the fight. Obviously, what takes to an athlete to be an idol also comprises his behavior outside the mats.
The way these guys interact with their opponents before, during and after the fights may be the differential from a standard and a ‘super athlete’. Being inspired by that, we from GB Brazil, would like to highlight some of our athletes with different styles, so that you may see which one could be (or actually is) your idol. All of them are idols to their students. But what about the people who is watching, from outside? Are these athletes also idols to those ones?

Rodrigo Farjado, also known as “Pimpolho”, has shown lots of explosion and grit during his fights in the CompNet. Lúcio Lagarto, Eurpoean champion in 2014, owns a very refined technique, and also holds a differential in his face. After every fight – winning or losing – the smile in the face of this guy from Rio captivates both the opponent and the public. While Jefferson Moura, Pan-American champion in 2014, despite his endless disposition, is that kind of guy who never changes his appearance. He is always expressing tranquility.

So, considering these three GB champions, which one you identify yourself most with and is a fan of?

Leave your comments here! And, if you are up to, please also share a brief explanation about your choice.

After all, although different, we are all big fans of these great GB guys.