Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: The victory of a training fellow is your victory as well

When we start our journey in the world of the gentle art, we learn not only the fighting techniques, but also how to grow as a team. That feeling that unites everyone within the mat is called brotherhood. And for this reason, we from GB do not see the jiu-jitsu as an individual sport, but a collective one.


Collective does not mean we are physically together on the mat at the same time, fighting against the opponent. We are collective in the gentle art when we are preparing our GB warriors until the combat time and, of course, during the fight itself, cheering for our brother in action.

IMG_4369The happiness from the victory of a team member is experienced both by him and by yourself. Sometimes, that was not your best day in a competition, but a good friend of yours went there and did his best, bringing the so desired triumph to the whole team. Suddenly, a good feeling replaces that sadness.

Be as fair and as enthusiastic regarding the success of others as you are with your own”

If you experience that feeling towards your training partners, be aware that you are already part of those who follow the teachings left by the Grandmaster Carlos Gracie. Among the 12 teachings of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu father, we find the 6th one, which we call the GB Brotherhood. “Be as fair and as enthusiastic regarding the success of others as you are with your own.”

The father of bjj wisely left us lessons that, at some point in our journey, we always live within the dojo. Master’s words will never fail.