Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Do you think you are the best one in the trainings? Do not like it.

Nothing is more unpleasant than that inconvenient guy who thinks he is the best one in training. Unfortunately, there are practitioners of various sports with such mentality. Being individualistic and extremely self-centered is not a nice behavior to have inside or outside the mat.


Usually the guy who thinks he is the best one is the same that does not understand that a workout is nothing more than a simple training, where everyone makes mistakes and does well, finalizes or is finalized. Besides being inconvenient, nothing is worse than when at the end of the training you have to hear the guy announcing what he/she did or did not during the class, who was finished by him or how many points he made against someone.

10574374_950274121665226_8598740103005417624_nAlthough jiu-jitsu is an individually performed sport, what makes an athlete is his/her team. Without their training partners, there is no fight, let alone a victory. The “tough guy”, even with his thoughtless actions, is not the villain of the story. There is no reason to ignore him/her. Jiu-jitsu is also a character forming. Often attitudes such as those described above can be avoided with a simple conversation. Immaturity or not, having the humility to teach a colleague the respect and values of the gentle art ​​can be the greatest lessons for him/her.

Have a good opinion about yourself and express it to the world, but not with high-sounding words but with good actions.”Grandmaster Carlos Gracie

The creator of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Great Master Carlos Gracie taught his students how to prevent these “superiority” attitudes within the mat. The teachings left by Carlos to the GB legacy gave our team the spirit of union within the family, respecting each other. The 11th teaching of Great Master teaches us how to control our ego and become better not only as athletes, but also and especially as people.