Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Work your subjective jiu-jitsu

Anything can happen on the mat. What we experience on it not only gives us the lessons of BJJ techniques, but also great learnings we take out into our lives. Jiu-jitsu does have the power to change people’s lives. In some cases, the biggest change in the lives of some happens just on the mats.


Every day we learn new sweep techniques, falls, submissions, etc. But do we learn how to cancel out those negative thoughts that surround our minds? How are your workouts for the subjective jiu-jitsu going?

ÍndiceBefore we talk about these workouts, let us understand the concept. Subjectivity means what happens inside the inner being, i.e., how a person sees or thinks about something. The subjective jiu-jitsu is nothing more than the mental exercise inside and outside the dojo. Often, a great champion can become a loser even before he/she starts to fight. They may have dedicated 1000% of themselves, followed a diet to the letter, did everything right, but at the combat time they just failed.

Failing does not necessarily mean lack of proper learning at the gym or an athlete’s mistake. In jiu-jitsu there’s no such a loss. You win or you learn. A mistake is made of many other factors and not always can the athlete see the cause of his/her mistake. They think, “Gosh, I did everything right in those phases just before the competition… Then I got there and nothing came out the way I wanted. Where did I do wrong?” The mistake in this case may be within the athlete’s own mind. Although they have traveled all the way to the victory, they have never imagined themselves as the “victory’s owners”. Keeping in mind that you will face the worst and most difficult opponent is way different than seeing yourself as defeated. A tough battle is not a lost battle.

Do not imagine yourself having a hard time. Imagine yourself giving your best every time. Have in your mind the judge raising your arm and your teammates celebrating your conquest. After all, our Grandmaster has already taught us:

Think only about best, work only for the best and always hope for the best”

This thought of the Master has changed the lives of many BJJ practitioners who would see themselves as losers and, by changing this way of thinking, they became great champions. You may have heard the expression “words have power”, right? Regardless of religion or belief, one thing is for sure: Your thoughts and beliefs do influence the course of your actions and the way you may achieve what you want.

Warrior, if you are aware that you gave your best in everything you could before a competition, just imagine winning it. With no pompous attitudes or arrogance. But being simple and with good thoughts, after all that sacrifice of the workout, the victory will certainly be closer to you.

Think about it.