Taking Care of Your mind is Jiu-Jitsu: There is always a way out

Youth is a time of discovery and transformation.

Generally, it’s a point in time when people are faced with the formation of their character and decisions that will shape their life in the future. Some people are lucky enough to encounter early on the driving force that will motivate and drive them forward to success, be it professional or personal. Today we are proud to present our very own example of such a person – Rodrigo Martins , a second degree black belt and head teacher for GB Todos os Santos- MG -BR; at the tender age of 16, he was 40 pounds overweight, discredited, without friends and hopes for a future, but it was in then and there that he discovered something that would turn his life around.

taking care

His overweight, attributed to “Family issues” resulted in extremely low self-esteem and lack of confidence. The mixture of all these problems affected both Rodrigo’s mind and body. Life at that time did not make much sense for the teenager, but in 2000 the discovery of the gentle art gave a new direction to the future black belt, “I have to confess that when I witnessed the first class, due to my lack of conditioning, I wondered if it would be possible for someone like me to be able to execute all those moves that I found so interesting on the first visit to the school,” he said.

Rodrigo_1He was soon able to overcome all of his initial difficulties and move forward with his training. In the course of learning his love for the sport grew. And once again, the transformative power of jiu jitsu gave birth to a champion in life and Rodrigo continuing his studies in a college of physical education in an effort to combine the technical knowledge about the human body and sporting practice, “My past choices were influencing my life. That being said, I decided to study in a college of physical education and live the jiu jitsu way of life, conveying the more people the lifestyle I have learned, helping them transform through the practice of the gentle art, as I did.”

“Upon entering jiu jitsu I could not imagine how my life and my habits would change. With almost a year dedicated to the gentle art its influence on me was already notorious. Having lost 40 pounds, gaining incredible strength and health, I managed to encounter lifelong friends and co-trainers!”

The feelings of sadness and rejection Rodrigo Martins knew so well before were long gone. The isolated young man had given way to a social guy surrounded by friends, “I improved my health, fitness and made ​​several friends. Not to mention how much my my self-esteem and confidence have increased. And the many trips with my friends/ brothers in training make me a happier man” said the black belt.

rodrigo-2Today, 13 years after his entry on the mats at Gracie Barra  this warrior’s outlook on life and expression is entirely different: “I feel extremely accomplished a person, as a person and professional, because I see every day, jiu jitsu transforming the lives of several people who share with me the vision of Master Carlos Gracie Jr to take the “ JIU JITSU FOR EVERYONE” and keep the legacy alive. ”

If you have been through times that found no motivation to change your life to better understand the 3 key points to chart new goals in life:

1 – THINK DIFFERENT: If you want to change something in your life to live better, first of all you must want . When we want something much will that you had left the strength to walk toward their goal.

2 – DO NOT WAIT THAT ARISING OPPORTUNITY RUN BEHIND: How would the Master Carlos Gracie Jr , “A true champion does not wait for someone to show you the way. He chases its own resources to become a true champion.”

3 – PERSISTENCE : “Not always the strongest throws the disc, or the fastest goal to reach. One win to move on with the decision signed into your mind. ” (Grand Master Carlos Gracie )


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