Taking care of your mind mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Nothing is so contagious as example.

You have to be mirror of the change you’re proposing. If I want to change the world, I have to start with myself. “- Mahatma Gandhi

On the path to becoming a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, the individual is directed to improve as a person, work on their relationships, thus contributing to society. Jiu-Jitsu is not only a martial art that shapes the physical body. The gentle art is a tool that brings out the best in people, turning them into superior beings.

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Nobody grows up wanting to be taken care of for life. Actually those that live following this type of reasoning, are nothing more than mere conformists. Notice how the big names in world history took the world by storm through their own initiatives, and especially through their own example. Before becoming leaders, these people lit their own way setting an example for the rest to follow.

Overcoming one’s shortcomings is a way out of their comfort zone that leads to growth and personal development each day. You have a chance to show your inner self that it needs to come out and take risks in order to become successful.

6 Fundamental Traits you need to develop to be an exemplary leader:

1 – Self-confidence: is an indispensable feature for a leader. Being confident gives you emotional stability, something essential for coping with stress. Moreover, it communicates the necessary sense for security for other participants to believe in the goal of the group and excel.

2 – Leadership: is different than the desire to dominate. The guy who wants to be a leader has to be open to the ideas of others. Being bossy, however, will make a person fail to see other members as valuable resources to the group. One piece of advice: “Be humble. Vanity is the one of the worst traits because it deceives us. ”

3 – Honesty and Integrity: The ultimate goal behind the combination of these two qualities is to bring honor to the group, be fair, honest and pure of soul and spirit.


4 – Motivation: Establish a goal that is reasonable and attainable. Inspire people to fight for a cause, competing with themselves up every day. Instill in others commitment, enthusiasm, energy, drive and dedication to pursue their goals.

5 – Ambition: There is no success without ambition. We don’t mean the mindless chasing after fortune or fame but the ambition to be the best that one can be. Getting caught up in one achievement can lead to stagnation. Always ask yourself what is best for the team and grow with it.

6 – Self-control: is the ability not to let an emotion overwhelm you, because we not always make the best decisions when affected. To act driven by emotion serves purpose only to poets. After all, self-control gives the individual the sense for a decision made with thought for the team and its possible consequences.

Be the best you can be today and cut out of your life the common defeatism of “I will start tomorrow.” Focus your efforts on what you want and overcome the temptations that you come across along the way. In line with the transforming processing power of Jiu-Jitsu, our Grand Master Carlos Gracie taught us: “Think big and your actions will grow, think small and you will quickly fall to the ground. Will is the ultimate power; the decision is inscribed in your mind. To have confidence in yourself is the path that leads to the highest peaks of victory. “

Think about it. OSSS

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