Taking care of your mind is Jiu-Jitsu: What would you sacrifice to be happy

Most people tend to live day by day, thus overlooking their health and happiness. Spending time with your children, working out for stress-relief – there’s hardly any time for any of these activities. Even when you catch a break you feel so tired that it’s virtually impossible to plan anything so you end up, once again, postponing what could make you feel better, happier. But remember – it is up to you to see things differently, to rearrange your life the way you always wanted.

taking care

14 years ago Rodrigo Carmo ( 34 ) had the same daily routine of most people – work, work, work. By a luck of faith he got to encounter the gentle art and has never stopped training since.  In 2000 I first tried out training jiu jitsu. I trained for 6 months, but had to stop because of work. I have always practiced different kinds of sports, but the lack of time always got the better of me. At that time competing was my salvation. Depending on where I lived at the moment (which kept changing due to my job) I managed to make time for some classes of muay thai I’ve always practiced .”

Rodrigo Carmo competing during the Rio state finals

Time passed and the lack of physical activity prompted the current state champion to gain a lot of weight. The days of the toned and fit marathon runner were long gone. The days passed and the finish line seemed to get farther away. Or so it seemed. Because in 2011 the Rodrigo found the willpower to rediscover his old relationship with jiu jitsu.” was lucky enough to encounter Gracie Barra and realize what was missing in my pursuit of happiness,” says the infant instructor at Rio Matriz. 

Among the many experiences we have in our lives, someday we are faced with the decision to sacrifice something for the chance of being happy and Rodrigo is no different. “My work was still incompatible with training. Upon realizing this I freaked out and closed my business, deciding to decided to be self-employed . I earn 60 % less than before, had to move houses, sold my car and have instead decided to center my life around jiu jitsu. “said Rodrigo Carmo.

A different  life, a new story. 22 championships, 15 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals, this is the history of this great champion of the mats and life. “I am currently in the college of Gracie Barra as I like to call it. I started teaching muay thai and became a children and elementary instructor at  GB Rio Matriz. I met wonderful people and made many friends that are like brothers to me. Ah … and I went back to 78 pounds , feeling better than ever!” says Rodrigão, as he’s affectionately called by his teammates.
Thousands of people around the world, postpone their pursuit of happiness and suffer from poor quality of life.  The main reason behind this is the fact that the growing consumerism in society dictates that we work and spend more and more. However, people tend to forget that the only things that we take from this life are knowledge and true friendships. And to achieve these, some points are essential :

– REFLECT: Take a few minutes out of your day to reflect on what makes you happy and what aspects of your life need to be changed so you can improve your well-being.

– DON’T LIVE THROUGH WORK : Take time for leisure and hobbies.

– PURSUE YOUR HAPPINESS: To be happy is to live well . Try to be at peace with life , practice a sport , have friends and LIVE !