Taking Care of Your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Strength, Focus and Faith

In the face of adversity during the journey to our goals unexpected obstacles arise and we are unable to overcome them. They are up what we call a “cross” in our path. In the constant battle on and off the mats the desire to give up starts to appear.


Failure is the most dreaded word for people with a dream. It takes time and a lot of willpower to achieve what we’ve set our minds to. Just like the fight on the mats , in life we face just as much uncertainty and struggle, not knowing what our opponent is capable of; often giving up seems like the logical choice.

However, struggle is part of the game – in life and on the mats. Whether you’re competing for a medal or a promotion at work, you’ve probably gone through some ups and downs. The road you’ve walked to where you are now has your footprints etched in it. Each one of them marks a threshold, a personal victory over your former self that has brought you closer to the realization of your dream. Even after all you’ve been through, are you willing to just give it up when things seem difficult?

When the willpower is great, failure is not an option. “
    Niccolo Machiavelli

FocusRemember that people have up with the term ‘impossible’ – it’s within us to overcome the barriers we have placed around ourselves. As yourself: “What makes this seem impossible to me?”. One of the thoughts left by Grand Master Carlos Gracie , the father of Brazilian Jiu – jitsu is: “To win big you have to dream big.” Carlos Gracie had a dream to popularize the gentle art at a time when participants in combat sports were marginalized by society as rejects,  bullies, gang members, etc. The idea of making people change the way they viewed them demanded something other than mere physical preparation. The strength of a positive psych marks the start of the road to our goal.

Visualizing is not enough, however. Without a strong motivation it will only generate frustration. To avoid this, here are some essential tips:

– NEVER SETTLE: In life there are both good and bad moments. When we experience something good we tend to get too comfortable, settling for the current situation and postponing our long-term goals. And in the face of a difficult time we’re quick to give up fighting and soak in our failure. Don’t hold back and always look for ways to grow!

– BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Remember the words of Grand Master Carlos Gracie, “To win big you have to dream big.” You can’t be a winner if you think like a loser. Look around and start building your willpower with small daily victories.

– FOCUS ON THE GOAL, NOT THE STRUGGLE: When things start falling apart and obstacles arise, don’t waste time justifying your mistakes or feeling bad for yourself. ” Self-pity and complaining is nothing but a waste of time.”