Taking care of your mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Do not mistake dreams for desires.

What you desire is exactly like what you dream of? Dreaming and desiring are totally different things. At first, you may think that their differences are insignificant. But they are not.


The 21st century young guys are used only to desire things. In the fighting world, what better defines an ‘only desire’ example is that student who speaks to the world about his winning desires, but do quite little for that. He/she ends up training only for desire, not for a dream. And dreams without hard work only generate frustrated people. Dreaming and desiring are, more than ever, very different points.

Desires will not support the life’s obstacles. Dreams are life projects, they survive the chaos” (Augusto Cury)

anaetinocoSo, what really differ those two words? You! Not only the young guys are victims of their tons of desires, but all those people who desire a lot and dream a little. The willingness is, usually, something momentary. You want that, but do not know until what point you are going to and what you will do to achieve that. When you define an objective for your future and fight for that every day, you become a dreamer.

Dreams will make you go ahead, despite the obstacles, through your long journey up to your conquest. It is not about idealizing something, but adding value to what you want so much for your life. Everywhere, regardless where you are, there will be thousands of people who consider themselves as dreamers. They will tell you about how much they want something, but won’t tell what they actually do for achieving that. Usually, they will complain about tiredness and pain, and will give up in the middle of their path. And when they stop, they also stop dreaming and that ‘fake-dream’ reveals itself as a momentary desire.

If you dream of something, stop and think about what you have been doing for that. This kind of reflection will help you to review some points and make you stronger to deal with the obstacles ahead.