Taking care of your mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Differences that cancel out themselves in Jiu-Jitsu

On March 22nd, date of our CompNet São Paulo 2014, another chapter was written in Gracie Barra’s history. A championship with members from the same family which resulted in, besides air tickets to the IBJJF World Championship (International Brazilian Jiu-Jistu Federation), some examples of overcoming, enthusiasm and determination.


Those characteristics distinguish those who actually dream of something and go for that from those who only has an illusion. Although the Jiu-Jitsu is a sport without a specific modality to physically disabled people, those guys get into the mats to show that everyone is capable.

998309_624195164302625_1650535667_nIt was never and never will be an excuse to those people the fact that they have some kind of physical disability. In the same way, they wear the kimono, train, compete and carry in their eyes lots of shine and determination.

This is the feeling that moves Osmar Junior, a green belt from GB Rubiataba. His participation at CompNet aroused in every attendee feelings like admiration and inspiration. Osmar had a congenital disorder during his gestation. Because of that, he was born with an atrophied arm.

Some people, when were watching this warrior’s first fight, questioned themselves about his kimono grip capability. After all, it is needed to do that in order to dominate the opponent or perform any move. However, as we all know, Jiu-Jitsu can be seen as an adaptation sport. Throughout the creation of the gentle art, the Great Master Carlos Gracie adapted and developed what has been learned from Conde Koma. Thanks to that, the ‘weak’ guys can beat the strong ones, and disabled athletes nowadays also can overcome their limitations and win.

1264353_10200644960276972_313629482_oOsmar did not win the CompNet SP, but took the silver medal. He lost the final by points, but was a real champion after all. His willingness to overcome his own obstacles makes him dream of the world championship. Even being so young, this green belt’s thought is “To show that everyone is capable. It’s only a matter of training hard. Because one day, I’ll get there.” said Osmar.

The story of this warrior provides all of us with a great example to be followed and makes us reflect about how much we value our trainings. Being absent from a class or training for some reason is really worth it? Rember of Osmar and many other guys that everyday overcome their problems, put any difference aside, wear the kimono and go train!

Think about it.