Stumble upon the wisdom of resetting

Bjj is a team sport and an individual one at the same time, where you need the help of other people to succeed. And by all means, it is an art that is enjoyed with others. But more so, bjj is also an art for the soul. Growth also happens in the absence of others. You can also become good in moments of solitude. In moments such as those, you are resetting yourself.

Resetting is not all about starting over. It is about getting your mind excited to train again!


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Spending time in the dojo will do you lots of good. But it is to be noted that subconscious learning happens in moments when the bjj artist is left by himself. Without the outside stimulation, a bjj practitioner will be able to relish the absence of others and grow by himself. Though this may sound radical, studies have shown that realization never comes from another. Always from within.

How alone time can be applied in bjj

A fighter should be able to enjoy his alone time moments after a competition. Let us call this resetting. While grueling as the training was, the body needs to reset itself back to its pre-competition phase where it is more susceptible for the upcoming training. 10336591_707685185943879_1222637198238190421_nThis is the primary reason why top fighters take some time off the scene. Reset yourself by taking some moments alone and dedicating this moment to yourself.

Reset when you feel that you aren’t getting better

When you feel as if you are not moving forward in your journey, go for a reset. This may mean going back to the old drawing board to figure out what you need to improve on, what is keeping you from growing and developing new strengths, and learning techniques!

Reset when injured

This is vital. Getting injured is a big deal. Every top grade fighter has gotten injured at some point in their careers. You can use this downtime to reset your mind back into training mode as soon as you  are well enough to hit the mats. Try to imagine being back on the scene again. Try to visualize how you would be wearing that  awesome gi and greeting the gym like a new student. During periods of injury and the downtime it provides, you can make yourself be excited again once you are well enough to train.

We all need to hit that reset button once in a while. Resetting doesn’t mean going back to square one, it is by all means taking a step backward so you can take three steps forward.