Info for Newbies on Keeping Training Sessions Safe for Your Training Partner

It is better to be safe than sorry. And we can all be certain that accidents do happen in bjj, but there are ways of preventing injuries and keeping our training environment safe. A good and safe training environment will ensure that we can continue enjoying the art and grow with it.


Gracie Barra is known to keep the highest standards in keeping the training facilities safe for all students.
Here are some tips on how to contribute to the safety of each training session.

leglock2Avoid leg locks (for now)

If you are quite new to bjj, it is best that you avoid leg locks. Why? Executing leg locks safely requires years of practice. It is the reason why some tournaments ban leg locks in  lower ranks. Leg joints, ligaments, and muscles, when injured, heal slower. So better keep away from those for now. Unless you have been training for years and have developed what we call “muscle tension sense,” staying away from it is probably a good idea.

Start from the ground

Starting to spar on the ground is a lot safer. Bjj instructors will teach you how to safely fall on the ground. If there are 20 other students in the gym, it is better to start sparring from the ground to avoid injuries.

Stretch it up

Never ever start training in the gym without stretching. Bjj puts a lot of strain on the muscles. Without warming those up, expect them to be sore in the morning. And this is not the type of soreness where it feels slightly good. Oh no. This is the kind where you will feel like not training for the next couple of days.

IMG_7379Keep your uniforms clean!

Yes. Unkept gis are prone to bacterial growth and mold buildup. Especially if you accidentally keep your gi inside your gym bag for the weekend. An unkept gi can cause fungal infection. You wouldn’t want your training partner to acquire those, right?

Training safely gear

Mouth guards are a no-brainer. These rubber objects cost less than $5! Invest in them. You will be glad that you did, and sorry if you accidentally hit your mouth against someone else’s knee without one.
Ear guards can be quite expensive. Those cost at least $30-$40. But they will sure help prevent cauliflower ears.

Stay safe, guys!

Jiu-jitsu for everyone!