Some Great Rolls

It can be very helpful for jiu-jitsu students to observe black belts roll. Sure, you can see some new techniques and positions that you are not familiar with yet, but the important thing to watch for is HOW the black belt rolls.


This week GB Blog is sharing several videos of high level black belts rolling.


While you are watching the rolls ask yourself the following questions :


1) How much strength are they using at any time?


2) Can you see when 1 guy is trying to setup the other with a trap or combination?


3) How are they using leverage more than muscle power?


4) When are they using movement instead of staying tight and trying to just hold a position?


Master Carlos Gracie Jr.


* Note how economical and efficient Carlos Jr. is in his movements. No wasted effort!


When Black and Brown Belts Play


Prof. Draculino rolls