A Mirror of Expectations: The GB School Facility

When you think of Gracie Barra – what comes to mind? There are many things that represent the organization and mission of Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone. Master Carlos Gracie Jr., the GB Method, maybe your first and inspiring Instructor, or the Red Shield that signifies all of the strength, unity, and brotherhood of Gracie Barra. But what about the space where you teach and train?

We identify three specific pillars we must have in place to complete the training experience for all of our students:


Of these three, our focus now is on the facility – our space and environment where we train our students, work with our staff, and interact with our community. Consider this quote from Earl Nightingale.

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.

We fully believe that our facilities – our schools – represent Gracie Barra, and not just individual owners. For this reason, we have developed specific guidelines for School Owners. These include elements that are required and/or recommended.

    • Required elements are mandatory. All Gracie Barra Schools must comply with these.
    • Recommended elements are not mandatory, but have proven to help build strong schools.

While the following are helpful examples for you to better understand these required and recommended elements, it is important to remember that your Operations Manual, GB Interior Branding Manual, and additional guidelines are more comprehensive resources. The ICP5 also includes a discussion about envisioning the “perfect” Gracie Barra School facility, and questions to ask yourself when considering how to align your school with this vision.

Required or Recommended?

We understand that budgets and space constraints will require adaptations to the blueprints we provide for your facility. The following table is an example of required and recommended elements. Make sure to note that while GB might only recommend an element, your local regulations might require these elements.

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