Bjj and the power of self talk

Have you ever caught your self speaking to yourself while in public? When a rush of thought swings by and you just had to say it out loud? It can be anything from a reminder of something that you need to do that day, or a simple pep talk about how you are going to do better in bjj.

Self talk is common. And the funny bit is how it is rampant among bjj fighters. Though some just do it silently, unlike some others.


Self-talk is powerful. Ideas that stem from the inside skip the process of ascertaining what is happening, to conclusion, to realization. Whenever self talk happens, it goes directly to the realization of something that can help us grow in our sport. Now, ideas are dangerous. As bjj artists, we need to cultivate the right thoughts. Without tending to our thoughts, wrong self talk can happen. We may not notice it, but it happens.

Cultivate the right thoughts

Keeping our minds healthy is similar to keeping our bodies as such. When we feed it right, it performs right. In the business of sales, a salesman is taught to stay as positive as he can. He does this by reading motivational quotes, building up his esteem, and staying away from things that may affect him negatively. Try shoring up on doses of heart warming news everyday for a change. Bad news on tv? Flip it to the next channel!

The right company

IMG_1771-300x300Keeping yourself surrounded by positive individuals will help you. Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Spending time with those who you feel can help you grow both mentally and physically can contribute to your growth! Having trouble finding them? Just look on your right, he is that person who wears a gi, sweating, and yet enjoying each moment in the mat. Approach him, make friends, and talk about good things.

Practice your own mantra

Have a mantra. My mantra goes like this: today, I will become better than yesterday. I cannot change what happened 24 hours ago, but I dictate what happens in the next.

Self talk happens. And the good thing about it is we dictate how it happens. We can control what comes out. Negative or positive self talk will change the course of your skill in the mats, your work habits, and your whole self.

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