Do you know the meaning of the popular OSS?

In the world of martial arts, particularly in jiu jitsu, you will hear the word OSS used often. Upon ending a class the Master will honor the Grand Master Carlos Gracie; when trying to motivate the students the same word will be used. You will even hear it when training buddies address each other upon stepping onto the matt.

oss-300x300Despite the fact that it is used daily many people still don’t know the true meaning behind the word. Although unfamiliar to many OSS has been part of the gentle art for many years. Created at the Naval Academy the universal Japanese expressions Ossu Oss (in Japanese) is the abbreviation for Onegai Shimassu, which stands for a request or the act of asking for something.

Out of everyday Japanese use OSS has passed into in the jiu-jitsu vocabulary, albeit with another meaning. In the holy temple of the gentle art it is pronounced, not only with the mouth, but with the heart. This sound in its enunciation demonstrates respect, commitment and trust .

Now that you understand the meaning you can step onto the matts and confidently say : OSS!

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