Your 2015 Plan and Values

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

How planning really works and how we can apply in BJJ. Our art is dependent on a clear path to becoming better individuals. 2014 was fruitful one in the world of BJJ. We’ve seen numerous new champions rising up the ranks. We’ve seen new schools opening, tied up with Gracie Barra. Pretty much an eventful year. But the success of the organization is all about the amount of planning that the leaders in Gracie Barra have put into their work. More so, the value of planning and foreseeing where the organization needs to be is crucial to growth. So what plans do you think you can have in your life that can provide you with value?


  1. A quick definition of value: the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

The topic of value is a vague one. What some may value may not be the same for others. But to simplify the notion of value, I have created a list of things that I think I can plan about that is specific and can provide value all at the same time.

Plan To Add New Passion In Addition to Your Current One

hands-544522_1280Aside from BJJ, what other things can you add to your life that you can be passionate about? These could be things that you can get excited about, like a new hobby or another type of sport. It can be a sport or an activitiy that you have been a fan of for a long time. Being passionate about something adds value to your life. It creates something that you can look forward to for 2015!

Plan on Spending Time with People of Value

No. Not just the rich. These are people who could give you insights on how to improve yourself. This could be anyone that you find yourself being drawn to. These can be people in synch with own principles. These are positive and driven people! These are wise people and motivators who are driven to  giving value to others as much as they would want to put value into themselves.

goodness-440313_1280Plan to Add Value to your Life

If you feel that you have yet to add value in your life, then it is TIME to plan to add more value to it. Value is something that has worth. That has use. Something that  you can grow from. It could be learning a new move in your BJJ. It can be learning a new language. Anything that you can grow from. Not just in BJJ but in general!

Increase Your Life’s Value by Becoming Valuable for Others

What value can you offer to other people? What are the things that you can offer those who you think may need of your value?

Think about it. Post it in our facebook page and let us discuss value!

Nilo Valle Chinilla