The Gracie Barra Path Fueled with Inspiration

Gracie Barra is one of the most recognized, most respected, and most successful martial arts organizations in the world. This is not the result of good luck and fortunate coincidences. This is the result of hard work, dedication, energy, passion, and dedication. It is also the result of a fair combination of perspiration – the efforts by those involved, and inspiration – the visionary leadership of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

Master Carlos Gracie Jr. – Before Gracie Barra

On January 17, 1956 a family in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro welcomed a baby boy – Carlos Gracie Jr. Surrounded by a family who trained to be renowned fighters, this young boy would grow up to be an inspiring and visionary leader in the world of martial arts. However, before Master Carlos Gracie Jr. would be empowered to spread the mission of Gracie Barra – Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone – he would train among top athletes, compete among the best in the world, and formulate techniques that would become the backbone of his future Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools. The dedication Master Carlos Gracie Jr. gave enabled him to move in 1986 to a neighborhood called Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro.

Gracie Barra is Born

So from the mountains of Rio de Janeiro to the Barra neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, this path was being forged to what you now know as Gracie Barra. All these years Master Carlos Gracie Jr. carried in him this drive to share the benefits of Jiu-Jitsu with as many people as possible. This dedication to the gentle art is evident in the accomplishments he has made throughout the years, all of which continue to support the organizational and professional growth of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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