Learning From Videos

The best way to learn jiu-jitsu is from attending classes with a black belt instructor with a structured curriculum.

The instructor can correct the mistakes that you make while drilling the techniques (something absent from learning online) and a curriculum takes the student through the optimal progression of positions.

If you are training at a solid academy and have some knowledge of positions, you can also benefit from learning from YouTube videos. YouTube BJJ videos are criticized by many, but if used in the correct manner for a student’s experience level, can accelerate the student’s understanding of techniques.

How can a student of jiu-jitsu best use abundant online video technique instructional videos? Here are 3 ideas for the best way to learn from BJJ videos.

1) Do your own video
Most students admit to difficulty remembering all of the techniques that they learned in class. Here is an easy way : at the end of class pull out your smart phone and take a quick video of the position that you drilled in class.

Your training partners will hold the camera while you demonstrate the technique while the details are fresh in your mind. You might even convince your instructor to do a quick recap for your video camera if you offer to buy him a fruit smoothie!

Now you have a short video that you can review later to help cement the technique in your mind and a future reference.

2) Search Gracie Barra YouTube channels for related positions and variations.

Let’s say that you just learned the De la Riva guard in class. This might be a great position to add to your game. You may have learned how to control the position. The 1st basic De la Riva sweep.

What else is possible from that same guard position? How many different sweeps can you do from DLR guard? Are there different grips? What if your opponent does….

My Brazilian Portuguese is not fluent, but I especially love the Gracie Barra Brasil YouTube channel.

There are great GB instructors all over the world, but it seems the greatest creativity and pure technique comes from the original home of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

The YouTube channel is constantly updated with new techniques from GB instructors all over Brasil. The techniques are taught in Portuguese so you are also learning language skills…not just jiu-jitsu wink

In the not so distant past, jiu-jitsu techniques were not easy to:
1) Find new information. Some hungry for knowledge had to travel to Rio to learn.
2) Record and remember. A pencil and notepad are no where near as accurate or convenient as your HD smart phone video.

There has never been a better time to be a student of jiu-jitsu. Use video to hack your learning!

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ