Improving Your Jiu-Jitsu Through Anaerobic & Aerobic Exercises

BJj Cardio

Exercises to Help You On the Mats

One of the ways to improve our jiu-jitsu game is to have our bodies prepared for it. It is not enough that we take the time in learning the techniques and the ins and outs of the game. We need to get our bodies in shape for it. What’s best way to get our bodies up to speed? Exercising it.

Now, there are two effective exercises that can benefit our Jiu-Jitsu. These are the aerobic and the anaerobic exercises. Both are different from one another, but it does work hand in hand.

Your Cardio

You get this advice from your Jiu-Jitsu coach often. Improving your cardio is all about aerobic exercises. It’s all about getting your heartbeat up and allowing it to soak up Runningoxygen, this is when your body requires oxygen to spend and exert energy.

A 20 minute jog can improve your cardio. Low impact exercises such as walking can improve the way your heart distributes oxygen to your entire body.

And It Helps By?

Rolling in the mats, you will probably spend a minimum of 5 minutes on the mats keeping your opponents at bay, trying to submit your opponent, or just simply playing guard. Improved cardio can help you last longer while on the mats and recover from exhaustion quicker.

Improving Your Cardio

Distance running is one of the great ways to improve your cardio. 2-3 miles a day is good. Running for 5-6 miles a day will do wonders for your endurance.

Jumping rope also works well for your cardio.

Your Muscle Strength

Muscle strength is attributed to anaerobic exercises. This is when bursts of strength are needed. Anaerobic exercises means your body doesn’t tap into your body’s oxygen supply. It uses up stored carbohydrates or muscle glycogen, Adenosine Tri-Phospate, and Creatine Phosphate. In laymen’s terms, this is the good stuff found in the muscles that help us move and exert force.

Due to the lack in the need for oxygen, anaerobic exercises rely on muscle build, and overall muscle health. Training your muscles to exert the right amount of strength for short periods can be improved by doing bursting exercises.

And It Helps By?

Submitting high level opponents requires strength. Sweeping bigger guys, hip escapes require bursts of strength. Pulling that armbar on a defending opponent will require the power of your legs, your back and the strength of your arms. The burst of speed you need to shoot for a takedown can be improved with it.

Ways to Improve Muscle Strength

Bursting sprints. Sprint from a stationary position top speed for no more than 15 seconds. The technique helps in building muscles in the legs and improves it strength. Doing squat thrusts for 30 seconds at maximum repetition speed also helps.

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