The Global GB Team

We talk a lot about the importance of building your school in your community – forming relationships with those in your defined geographic area. There is almost immeasurable value in connecting with your school’s neighbors and becoming a central resource for families and individuals. But your GB School is about so much more than your specific region. It is a representation of the global network of Gracie Barra leaders and team members representing multiple countries around the world. Yes – you have a serious role to play in your own community as a leader of your GB School. However, you also have a role in the larger global GB team. So instead of looking at your own school and community under the lens, let us widen that viewpoint and see just what we can learn from the strength of our global team.

What Is a Global Team?

There are seemingly countless companies and organizations that operate on a global scale. According to an article published by the Darden School of Business, those that are most successful decentralize their headquarters – meaning they tend to have multiple headquarters – demonstrating diversity of thinking and perspective. The same article outlines a set of skills that are necessary for global reach, some of which we highlight here.

Overseas experience – We are already present in Brazil, the U.S., the U.K., the Philippines, Australia, Japan, and various countries in Europe, and our mission of Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone propels us to keep expanding our presence around the world.

Humility – This trait is closely aligned with the characteristics possessed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. We must be able to listen with intention and show genuine interest in the lives of others.

Lifelong curiosity – This trait refers to keeping current with new learning opportunities and being humble enough to know that you can always learn more. Whether it is the evolving VHq, taking advantage of the ICP5 and other resources, or attending conferences, we are striving to provide members of our teams with these opportunities for continued growth.

Presence – This trait includes everything from the GB Uniform to the regulations for the interiors of GB Schools. When we create a streamlined, positive, physical presence, we build trust with those people who enter our schools, no matter the neighborhood of the specific school.


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