Speaking Their Language: GBK Teaching Vocabulary and Commands

Have you ever heard of the phrase, Kids say the darndest things!? The kids in our schools might sometimes seem like they have a language all their own – full of trends, slang, and just their youthful jokes and goofy phrases. And while we might not always understand the phrases they are playfully throwing around, we have to make sure that we choose our words wisely.

The training environment you build for your GBK students must evolve around the essential elements of the GB Method. We have already looked at many of these – the GBK Curriculum, GBK Uniform, and the GBK Belt System and Attendance Cards. These are in a way the physical things of our schools – they represent the things we wear, the coursework we follow, and the tools we use. Sometimes don’t realize just how important our communication is to our training and building of amazing schools.

GBK Teaching Vocabulary and Commands

In order to provide the best possible training environment for our youngest students, it is imperative that we know how to best communicate with them. Our GBK Teaching Vocabulary and Commands include communication strategies and techniques that are essential to building that positive training environment. You have to be able to share your knowledge and reach the minds and hearts of the next generation of Jiu-Jitsu artists. We do this with 3 core strategies for complete communication.



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