GB Values – Loyalty

Since the majority of Jiu-Jitsu schools have been forced to close in the last several weeks, we have seen many instructors do online classes (check out the free class schedule on GB Online!) as a way to stay in contact with their students.
In an unexpected benefit of being forced to learn Jiu-Jitsu through online class, I (and many other students) have had a chance to “attend” a class with one of our old professors who we may not have seen in a long time if we have relocated city or country.
How awesome it is to get on the virtual mat with one of your early instructors in Jiu-Jitsu and once again enjoy Jiu-Jitsu together again! I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of the professor’s black belt graduates tuned in to see their head instructor again. This made me think about the value of loyalty in Jiu-Jitsu.
Many Jiu-Jitsu students forge a strong bond with their instructors over the years that they trained together. It is a special relationship for many and inspires loyalty.
In a feature on GB Online, Master Carlos passes on some of his vision about the mission of Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone: Loyalty: Life Lessons with Master Carlos Gracie Junior
What is Loyalty, how it works and why our students should  have this commitment to our family.
(translated from Portuguese and transcribed here for you)
“Loyalty is something people really have to understand. Loyalty to what, to whom?
If you are part of a team and you believe in that team’s beliefs then you should be loyal to that team. Not to this or that person. I believe in Gracie Barra’s principles. I believe that what Gracie Barra seeks and what Gracie Barra teaches is something positive, is something that will make people better. I believe in that and I’m loyal to that.
Then be part of Gracie Barra by heart, and follow Gracie Barra’s ideas and goals.
For me, this is what loyalty is.”
Another aspect of this loyalty is the desire of the individual to be part of something greater than themselves.
Why be loyal?
“They will actually stop thinking about themselves, and will start thinking about the group. We can’t be selfish in a world where we need each other. The selfish thought of wanting all the benefits for ourselves and leave others behind is what makes the world the mess it is. It is the Babel Tower, like the Bible says. Every person thinking one way, every person wanting a different thing.
So I believe that Gracie Barra’s biggest goal is through Jiu-Jitsu is to make people’s lives better. Is to bring Jiu-Jitsu for everyone, try to help everyone in need, bring people to the mats and help them from there, make them believe in themselves again.
A person who comes to the school without any hope, thinking he can’t achieve anything else in life, and one year later he is in love with Jiu-Jitsu…He started to believe again, his self esteem is higher and he is living better. How many stories like that do we know? Of people who started living a life of joy again?”
Master Carlos goes on to say:
“So that’s what we should be loyal to…to this commitment, and stay determined to that.”
What does loyalty in Jiu-Jitsu mean to you?
Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia