GB Techniques: Escapes from Bad Positions

This week Gracie Barra Techniques brings you some videos on how to escape from bad positions. Your first year of training, you often get stuck in bad positions on the bottom. You fatigue struggling to escape and all too often end up getting submitted. We need tools to survive and then progress to a better position.

Let us take a look at some ideas for escapes from bad positions.

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Escapes from Bad Positions

1) Side Control Escape – Gracie Barra Cool Springs and Green Hills Tennesee
Stiff arm escape variation

2) Bridge Escape Top from the Back
Prof. Flavio Almeida of Gracie Barra Scottsdale demonstrates how do bridge escape from the back control.

3) Escape from Turtle Position Back To Guard
Joe Scarola of Gracie Barra Long Island shows a cool escape from turtle position back to guard and right into an armlock!

4) Side Mount Escape High Leg Method
Prof. Flavio Almeida of Gracie Barra Scottsdale shares the “High Leg” on how to escape side mount bottom.

5) Side Mount Control Escape
Prof. Danillo Coltro & Coach Fabio Bertolli from GB Australia demonstrate an escape from side mount control using the opponent’s sleeve

on Gracie Barra : GB Techniques: Take The Back!

Credits: Mark Mullen 
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ