GB Technique: The Rules of Sweeping with Prof. Feitosa

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at some of the common principles important to performing various guard sweeps.
You likely possess a whole arsenal of sweeps – many of which seem completely different in their mechanics – but there are a handful of common principles that make them all work.
1- Breaking the opponent’s posture
2- Undermining the opponent’s base
3- Control the posting arm/sleeve
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Let’s take a look at some sweeping rules inaction by senior GB Prof. Marcio Feitosa.
X-guard sweep variation
Breaking the posture of the opponent. Notice how Prof. Marcio has a strong collar grip and has bent his opponent nearly in half. An opponent in a strong posture is very difficult to unbalance. The strong pushing action of the legs also serves to make the opponent bend over.
Butterfly Guard Sweep from Sit Up Guard
When the opponent has a strong base they can focus on passing your guard. It is essential to get underneath the opponent and undermine their base to disrupt their balance. Look how Prof. Marcio hooks under the opponent’s posted leg and move right underneath them to break the balance.
Spider guard sweep
Control the sleeve to prevent the opponent from posting. This is probably the #1 sweeping mistake we see. Not controlling the opponent’s arm and having them suddenly post and stop the sweep. Note how Prof. Marcio prevents the opponent from using her arm from stopping the sweep.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt