GB Technique: Takedowns with Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr.

This week on GB Blog we are talking about judo for Jiu-jitsu. The majority of takedowns that we practice in jiu-jitsu have their roots in Judo (with the kimono) or in various forms of wrestling without the gi.
If you have become accustomed to simply pulling guard or starting all of your sparring from the knees, it can be a real eye opener when you enter a tournament and have to start the match fighting for the takedown.
Fortunately, we have some great resources for you at Gracie Barra.
Meet Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr. who is going to share some tips and concepts with us on some of the most effective judo throws.
Many students are initially confused by the Japanese names for the techniques (Judo has standardized the use of Japanese for the techniques due to Judo’s international status as an Olympic sport). But with a little effort you can memorize and use the correct terms.
To see the Uchi Mata throw in action see:

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Credits: Mark Mullen
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