GB Technique : Sacrifice Throws and Guard Pulls

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at some scarifice throw techniques by Gracie Barra instructors.
What is a sacrifice throw? As defined on the Gracie Barra YouTube channel:
“BJJ Sacrifice throws require the thrower to move to a potentially disadvantageous position in order to be executed, such as falling to the ground.
The momentum of the falling body increase power to the throws and require comparatively little strength compared to the effect.”
Now things get more interesting when we understand that in the standup position, you have the options of:
A takedown (like a single leg or Judo throw)
A sacrifice throw
A guard pull
A flying attack (arm bar or triangle)
Your opponent doesn’t know if to expect a flying arm bar or a sacrifice throw or a guard pull. All 3 strategies work together and keep your opponent guessing.
Let’s take a look at some of each of these takedown techniques as taught by Gracie Barra instructors.
1) Side “Yoko-Tomoe-Nage” Sacrifice Throw
Firstly, let’s see Prof. Otavio demonstrate a sacrifice throw, how he “sacrifices” his own standing position in order to take the opponent down. This throw is used in combination with guard pulling and flying arm bars!

2) Fireman’s Carry & Tomoe-Nage variation
Let’s take a look at some of the highest percentage sacrifice throws in jiu-jitsu. Wrestlers use he Fireman’s Carry to great effect and the old Judo standby of “Tomoe-Nage” have worked for many judo and jiu-jitsu students for ages.

3) Yoko Wakare – Queda Da Despedia
This is a perfect example of a sacrifice throw by Prof. Carlos Liberi – using your body weight and momentum to take an unwilling opponent to the mat.

4) Pulling Guard
Although pulling guard is not permitted in judo competition, it is a great strategy for Bjj fighters. The guard pull can be used in similar situations or as a complimentary technique to a sacrifice throw.

5) Flying Armbar
Gracie Barra Colorado Springs shows us how to attack the flying arm bar (one for your hi-light reel!). Far from merely a flashy move, we have seen flying arm bars work at the highest levels of competition.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia