GB Technique : Play and Pass the Z-Guard

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at some techniques from the Z-Guard (also known as the Knee Shield) by Gracie Barra black belt instructors.
Z-Guard or Knee Shield (both names are commonly used) has been described as the “most frustrating position in jiu-jitsu”. Why is that? The defense afforded to the bottom player is really strong and many guard passer has been stopped dead by the Z-Guard.
In this video tutorial we are going to examine both sides of the Z-Guard – both playing and attacking from bottom and how passers try to solve the riddle of the Z-Guard.
Let’s take a look at some Z-Guard techniques as taught by our Brazilian Gracie Barra instructors.
1) Sweep from the Half Guard using the Z-Guard / Knee Shield
Professor Andre Almeida from Gracie Barra Simi Valley teaching a Sweep from the Half Guard using the Knee Shield.

2) Z-Guard / Knee Shield to Knee Bar
The Z-Guard is a position where advanced jiu-jitsu fighters use to enter into leg attacks. Professor Dave Weber teaches how he likes to look for the knee bar from the Z-Guard.

3) Z-Guard / Knee Shield To Toe Hold
In this video, we are linking the position to secondary and different attack to the previous video by Professor Dave Weber. This is especially effective no-gi.

4) Z-Guard Pass #1
Prof Ricardo Almeida UFC MMA veteran (and brother of jiu-jitsu family Flavio and Andre Almeida) teaching a no-gi Z-guard pass at Gracie Barra Dana Point Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

5) Z-Guard Pass #2
Professor Philipe Della Monica teaching two options of guard passes from Z Guard in the Advanced Class at Gracie Barra HQ in Irvine, CA. Big pressure!

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia