GB Technique : How To Choke From Back Mount

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at some techniques to choke from the back mount by some Gracie Barra’s most experienced black belt instructors from Gracie Barra schools throughout the GB Network.
The best position in the jiu-jitsu positional hierarchy is the back (also called rear mount) where you have complete control over your opponent. Furthermore, the undisputed King of Submissions in jiu-jitsu is the Rear Naked Choke.
In hi level competition, we see the majority of the submissions coming by way of different variations of collar strangles. Today on GB Technique we are going to dive deep into chokes from the back mount.
Let’s take a look at some choke / strangle techniques from the back mount as taught by top Gracie Barra black belt instructors.
1) Rear Naked Choke and Rear Collar Choke
Let’s start with looking at the 2 primary chokes from Back Mount with Prof’s Diego and Flavio

2) Rear Naked Choke N0-Gi
Prof. Joe Scarola from Gracie Barra Long Island goes deeper into the King of submissions: The Rear Naked Choke

3) Single Wing Strangle from Back Take / Pegada das Costas c/ Finalização (partindo da Imob. Lateral)
The key to this variation of the sliding collar strangle is the use of your non-choking hand which applies a powerful counter pressure making the choke extremely tight.

4) Lapel Strangle from the back / Estrangulamento partindo da Pegada das Costas
When your opponent is savvy enough to protect their own collars, you can sneak in your own lapel for this Bow and Arrow Choke Variation

5) Foot Assisted Lapel Strangle / Estrangulamento c/ lapela
I’ll bet that you haven’t seen this variation of choke from the back mount. Note the foot-assisted leverage that creates a very powerful choke.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia