GB Technique: Finishing From Side Control

This week on GB Blog we are talking about one of the most dominant positions in Jiu-Jitsu – side mount as taught by Gracie Barra Black Belt instructors.
It has been some time since we covered the side control on GB Techniques so we are bringing you some new ideas to sharpen your submission game from side control.
Many Jiu-Jitsu students prefer side control to top mount or back mount because they feel that they have more control over the opponent and can make he opponent uncomfortable by applying heavy top pressure.
If you feel comfortable controlling your opponent from side control, it is an important first step in advancing towards the submission.
let’s take a look at some finishing attacks from side mount or “cem quilos” as they call it in Brazilian Portuguese.
1)  Ataque partindo dos 100 quilos / Atack from side mount
This reverse arm triangle choke by Prof. Jefferson Moura is achieved from the Reverse Scarf Hold side mount variation. Your opponent won’t see the choke coming until it is too late to defend.

2) Straight Armlock from Side / Armlock partindo dos 100 quilos
Notice how Prof. Rodrigo Quadros is securing his grip even before the pass and catches the armlock immediately upon reaching side control

3) Double Armlock Attack from Side / Ataque duplo de chave de braços no Cem-Quilos
Prof. Carlos Liberi teaches how to use the Scarf Hold variation in side mount to be able to attack either of the opponent’s arms.

4) Transition to North South / Finalização partindo da Transição p/ Norte e Sul
This technique comes to us from GB Itaipaiva and shows the classic setup for Kimura from side before transitioning to NS to finish with a variation of the Kimura.

5) Americana type of finish from Side / Finalização partindo dos 100 quilos
Prof. Lucas Flores shows a really sneaky and effective (I’ve seen this submission work in a black belt super fight!) that makes an Americana type of pressure on the shoulder.

What is YOUR favorite submission attack from Side Mount?
Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black Belt based in Asia