GB Technique: Escaping The Bottom Position

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at a common problem: getting stuck underneath our opponent’s pressure and body weight on the bottom. Without a solid strategy to defend and escape, you can quickly become exhausted and vulnerable to being submitted.
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We are looking at 3 different bottom positions here but the escape techniques all share certain elements in common.
By applying to observe the common elements of:
1- making frames with the arms
2- using hip movement to create space
3- getting our legs involved to control the opponent
…we can equip ourselves with the tools to escape any bottom situation.
Let’s take a look at some specific bottom escapes from some of GB Online’s top instructors.
Prof. Braulio Estima shows how he uses frames to prevent the opponent from applying their full weight on top and then looks to sneak a hook inside with his foot. This type of escape is especially effective for smaller jiu-jitsu practitioners.
Trapped in Half Guard’s bottom
A common question from intermediate-level jiu-jitsu students is that they get caught underneath in the bottom half guard and don’t know how to progress their position. Prof. Tussa shows how to utilize frames and hip movement to come to the top
Escape the Knee on the Belly
Often when you are struggling to escape the bottom side mount, your opponent will quickly transition to the dreaded knee on the belly position. Prof. Victor Estima shows how he uses frames and hip bumps to thread his leg through to 50/50 Guard and a sweep to reverse the position to come to the top.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt